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Fence Installation

Your home isn’t finished until the fence goes up!

Let us find the best fence installation for your home or business in Greater Binghamton and the surrounding areas.

When determining what kind of a fence is right for you, you must first figure out why you want a fence. There are several reasons why people decide to go with fencing:

  • Are you looking for privacy?
  • Are you looking for aesthetics to add value to your home?
  • Are you looking for a way to keep your little children or your pets in the backyard?
  • Are you looking to feel more protected?

Once we know why you want a fence, we can make you an expert recommendation. Our fencing contractors relay on years of experience to help you not only pick the fence design and material that is appropriate for you, but to then install your fence properly.

Those fence types can include vinyl, wood, chain link or even razor wire fencing for businesses.

Fence Installation

Each type of fence has its pros and cons and most fence types can have a different look and feel. You don’t necessarily want to use the same looking fence at a home or business.

Vinyl fences, for example, are low maintenance, and easily cleaned, but may be a little more costly and is susceptible to mold and mildew staining.

Wood fencing is often very affordable, and will improve the general look of your home or business. We use pressure treated wood, which lasts longer by preventing moisture from getting into the grain of the wood. That’s especially important with he amount of rain and snow we get in a given year.

Chain link fences are probably the most versatile and common fences that people see. They can be used for both commercial or residential properties. These fences are easy to install in new construction, very durable, easily repairable and normally conforms well to any terrain.

Our razor wire fencing is great for commercial properties because it can help with security.

We also do custom gate configurations so you can renovate the fence you currently have, or have a new construction fit your area.

Call us for a free estimate.

Our installer will come to your home and walk you through our fence installation process from beginning to end so you’ll know exactly what to expect as far as cost and timeline before we begin.

We also have the equipment to help you level the ground and make sure it is graded properly before installation.

Whatever your reason, be it practical or cosmetic, we’ll figure out what’s best for you.

The sooner you call us for a consultation, the sooner you will have a brand-new fence on your property. To learn more, click here.